Necessary Downloads

  • Dtella & ApexDC++
    • If you are a new user, make sure to click the checkbox to install ApexDC++ along with Dtella. If you are an existing user, the included ApexDC++ installation is optional, but note that it is preconfigured to work with Dtella.
      • Dtella is the ‘hub’ that allows you to connect to other users on campus. This application is invisible and runs silently in the background of your computer. Alone, this will do nothing.
      • ApexDC++ is the program you run to connect through the Dtella program. This allows you to share, view, and download files from any other connected user across campus. Run Dtella first, then start this program.

Installing Dtella:

Video on doing this process.

Video Here


NOTE: The step to make the application run as admin isn’t in the video (this is for Windows 8 and up users)

Run as Admin:

  • Go to ApexDC++ shortcut that you use (Either on Desktop or Program Files in Start Menu) and Right click the shortcut.  Select Properties.


  • Next go to the Compatibility tab and under “Privilege Level” check the “Run this program as an administrator” checkbox.  Click Apply