TP-Link Stock Firmware

  • First enter in the web browser. (unless changed by user) (if does not work, try
  • Unless you have changed it (which you should) enter admin in username and admin in password.
  • Click on “DHCP” (Black Circle)


  • Click on “Address Reservation”


  • This part is to set a certain IP address to your computer for the ports to work every time you turn on the machine.  If you go back and forth on wireless and wired you will need to do this and the port process on the other interface.  Next click on Add New.


  • Next you will be asked to enter a MAC Address and Reserved IP Address in the boxes.  Go to the Start Menu and type in “cmd” (w/o “”).  You will get the command prompt and enter “ipconfig /all”.  Look for the adapter that has a connection (it is either coming from Ethernet (wired) or Wireless LAN).  The “Physical Address” is the MAC Address and IPv4 is the “Reserved IP Address.


  • Make sure the MAC Address is in the right format.
  • You may get a message that the router needs to reboot to save the settings, LET IT.


  • Now we are going to add the ports.  Go to “Forwarding” -> “Virtual Servers” and click on Add New.


  • TP-Link does not give you an option to put labels on the Entries, only numbers.  We need to make 5 entries in total for Apex DC++ and Dtella.  On Apex DC++ I decided to use 1024, 1025, 1026, and 1027.  Apex DC++ uses TCP in the Protocol.  For Dtella I used 1028 and it uses UDP for the Protocol.  For EVERY entry, click on Save.  Ignore the “Common Service Port” box for this process.


  • Your result will be something like this (depending on the port numbers you decided to use).  The Internal and External port for each entry MUST be the same.


  • You should now be able to access Dtella.