Netgear Stock Firmware

  • First enter in the web browser. (unless changed by user)
  • Unless you have changed it (which you should) enter admin in username and password in password.
  • This page will show up and select the “Advanced” tab (It’s above the Internet icon)

      Intro Netgear Genie

  • Next go to the “Setup” drop-down (to the left of page) and then select “LAN Setup”

      Netgear Genie 2

  • This part is to set a certain IP address to your computer for the ports to work every time you turn on the machine.  If you go back and forth on wireless and wired you will need to do this and the port process on the other interface.  Next go to the “Address Reservation” block and click on Add.

      Netgear Genie 3

  • Now you should see a Table with active IP addresses and the Device Names.  If there are multiple entries and you are not sure which Device is what, go to the Start Menu and type cmd and hit the Enter button.  In the Command Prompt, type in “ipconfig” and hit Enter.  You should see an address 192.168.1.x (x being a different number) and this case its  Back on the browser window select the IP that was shown in the last process.  The boxes will be filled with the information and click on the +Add button on top of the page.

      Start Menu cmd

Netgear Genie 4

      Netgear Genie 5

  • Click on the Apply button (you may lose connection to your router, if this is the case wait for it to come back)

      Netgear Genie 6

  • Next go to “Advanced Setup” drop-down and click on “Port Forwarding/Port Triggering”
  • Click on the +Add Custom Service button and Enter the following for ApexDC++ (you do not have to use this port, but it needs to be the same in the other boxes).  Then select your computer in the “Currently Attached Devices”.  Click on Apply
  • Apex DC++ needs 4 ports for it to work and all need to be TCP as “Service Type”.  I decided to use 1024, 1025, 1026, and 1027.


  • Now do the same, but for Dtella (DO NOT use any of the port number from ApexDC++)


  • It should look something like this


  • Your router should now work with DC++ and Dtella