Linksys Stock Firmware

  • First enter in the web browser. (unless changed by user)
  • Unless you have changed it (which you should) enter admin in username and password in password.
  • This part is to set a certain IP address to your computer for the ports to work every time you turn on the machine.  If you go back and forth on wireless and wired you will need to do this and the port process on the other interface.  Next click on the DHCP Reservation button.


  • A popup box should appear and you should see a listing of clients on the network.  If you are unsure which client in the client list is your computer see Command Prompt picture.  When you know which client is your computer (if there is only one, its that one) check the check box under “Select” and click the Add Clients button.
  • You should now see your computer listed in the “Clients Already Reserved” area (where the solid black arrow is pointing).  Click on Save Settings button.



Command Prompt

  • If you have multiple clients listed, go to the Start Menu and type in cmd.  Type in ipconfig and hit enter.  The IPv4 Address is your IP and locate that IP in the listing.

Netgear Genie 4


  • Now to add the ports, Click on “Access Restrictions” shown below.


  • You do not have to use those numbers for the ports, but they need to be between 1024 and 65535.  In my opinion use these since theses numbers are not used for any popular program or utilities.
  • You need 2 TCP ports and 2 UPD ports for ApexDC++ and 1 UDP port for Dtella.  When done, click on the Save Settings button on the bottom of the page.
    • Note: This is DIFFERENT than the picture below shows. The text instructions are the most up to date.


  • You should now be able to connect to Dtella.