Asus (Stock Firmware)

This is the newest firmware version for Asus’ consumer routers.

  • First enter in the web browser. (unless changed by user)
  • Unless you have changed it (which you should) enter admin in username and admin in password.
  • This page will show up and select the “WAN” settings tab (It’s third from the top of the advanced settings grouping)


asus wan

  •   Next go to the “Virtual Server/Port Forwarding” tab

asus virtual servers

  •  A table will be shown containing all ports forwarded in your router.
  • Dtella requires 1 UDP port and DC++ requires 1 TCP port to be forwarded to your computer (Note: There is an option to set the protocol to “BOTH” in the settings, however this option doesn’t work, only use “TCP” and “UDP” protocol options)

asus virtual server config

  • Insert your computers IP address into the IP option, you can use the dropdown to select it (the dropdown sometimes gives computer names to make it easy to find the right IP)
  • Input the same port on port range and local port, this number can be any number from 1025 to 65534
  • Select protocol as UDP

asus port forward input dtella

  •  The port for DC++ uses all the same values except instead of using the UDP protocol, it requires the TCP

asus port forward input

  • ApexDC++ requires 4 TCP ports, so this process should be repeated another 3 times with new numbers to meet this requirement
  •  Once both ports have been added, they should be visible at the bottom of the table, hit the apply button and wait for the page to refresh
  • Once the page refreshes, your ports will be ready to use in DC++/Dtella