Dtella’s core operation is based on IRC. Due to this fact, by using Dtella you are in fact connecting to an IRC network which facilitates communication. All IRC networks have their own set of rules governing use and conduct. Please note the following list of rules which apply to the current network Dtella uses.

For a given user, there are two sets of rules to be aware of: “IRC Network Rules” are general and cover the entire IRC network, whereas, “IRC Channel Rules” apply only to users of dtella or inhabitants of #dtella. A user should be sure to follow both the overall rule set, and the rule set that governs their respective dtella channel.

IRC Network Rules

Dtella Network - IRC Rules

1. The Staff (where "Staff" = IRCops) reserve the right to disconnect/ban any user
   from this server at any time, for any reason. If you are banned
   and you feel that it was unjustified, feel free to email

 The ban will be reviewed, and may (or not) be removed.

2. Abuse of other users (verbal or not) will not be tolerated.
   If you have a problem with another user for any reason, talk to
   an IRC Operator about it, so that the situation can be resolved
   in a sensible and fair manner.

3. Advertising commercial websites and other IRC networks is
   strictly FORBIDDEN without IRCop permission.

4. Flooding or spamming of any kind will be banned without question.

5. There's already an adequate number of IRC Operators (IRCops) on this
   server. Please do not waste the IRC Operators' time and your
   own asking to become one.

6. All users on this network must use English in public channels.
   This may be excused on an individual basis by an IRCop.

7. The use of BOTS on this network is only to be done if the 
   bot sets +B as to identify themselves as bots. The IRCops 
   maintain final say as to the permission of any bots.

8. Any discussion of illegal topics or linking to illegal materials 
   (ie. drugs, etc.) is grounds for an immediate kick and ban 
   from the server, even if linked outside of dtella.

9. Any attempt to hack, exploit, damage, or otherwise bring harm to
   this IRC server will result in an immediate BAN and legal action
   against the parties involved.

10. If you find yourself banned from a channel, please do not
   attempt to evade the ban by changing your host, nickname, or ident.
   You were probably banned for a reason - stay off for a little while until
   you're officially unbanned; BAN EVASION is not tolerated!

   Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning and/or
   kill. However, in more severe cases a ban from the server and/or
   network can and will be issued.

Dtella Channel Rules

#dtella Channel - IRC Rules

1. Users of this channel must abide by all network rules set forth
    by the IRC Network Admins. Failure to do so will be handled by
    the IRC Network Policy.

2. Channel Ops have the final say in all kicks and bans. If you think
    there is an issue with a kick or a ban, bring it up with a channel
    owner. If you provoke a channel op, expect retaliation without

3. Do not share your entire hard drive, Windows or Program Files,
    installation directories, or junk files in order to circumvent
    the minimum share. This will result in a ban when the ops catch
    you. Additionally, don't share passworded archives, or at the very
    least, share the password for them. They are completely annoying
    and will result in a ban if you are warned and do not comply.

4. Dtella is for on-campus users only, unless otherwise noted. Any attempt
    to circumvent the protections that prevent off-campus users from using
    Dtella (SSH tunneling, multiple VPN tunnels, etc.) will be banned.

5. Channel Ops: Use your judgement when changing any the mode changes done by
    ops higher than yourself.  That means manipulation of the access list as
    well as to bans, temp ops/deops/voice/devoice/topics/etc.  Any abuse
    could result in removal from the access list.

6. Spoilers are not welcome on Dtella. As a community who serves to discuss
    various forms of media, our users have the right to read conversations
    without fear of spoiling their favorite content. If spoilers must be
    discussed, please do so in private. Abuse could result in punishment up
    to and including bans.

The Ten Commandments

1. Thou shalt follow the holy set of rules spaketh by thy IRC Network Admins. 

2. Thou shalt not annoyeth thy ops, for their wrath is great and punishment 

3. Give unto others, as thou wouldst have done unto you. Do not share thy 
   passworded archives, or if thou must, bequeath unto dtella thy necessary 

4. Help thy neighbor to be learned in the ways of dtella. Just don’t do it 
   in thy main channel. The creator invented private messages for such 

5. If thou has been naughty in the sight of an op, and thou has had thou’s 
   ass banned, do not try to circumvent the holy laws of dtella. Thy holy 
   op has been gracious in only taking your access. Do not force him to take 
   your life as forfeiture to the holy creator. 

6. The creator saw fit for only the denizens of the on campus realm to be 
   granted the boon of dtella. Those who attempt to gain access to Eden from 
   the outside shall be met with swift, merciless punishment. 

7. A sharing and caring person is one who is not an asshole. For thine 
   assholeish ways lead naught but to the path of destruction bestowed upon 
   you by thy holy ops. 

8. The wise and ass-kicking master Jackie Chan once asked, “do you understand 
   the words that are coming out of my mouth?” The equally wise and benevolent 
   Chris Tucker responded that “Man, no one understand the words that are 
   coming out of your mouth.” And thus came to pass the commandment that the 
   only words coming out of one’s mouth shall be in English. 

9. The Holy Ops created the bots of dtella as a boon to lessen the stress on 
   the lives of the denizens of dtella. Do not abuse them, for they will fight 
   back, and such wrath is a horror to behold. 

10. Thou shalt follow thine benevolent commandments that have been set out 
   before thee. Falter and retribution shall be swift and merciless.