For the most part, the files that you will find on dtella are standard or common file types. However, new users often get confused by some of the more complicated filetypes. This page explains how to open those types of files. If you have any questions about filetypes not discussed on this page, please let us know in chat so that we can get you help, and add a section to this page.



.iso files are disk images. Essentially, imagine taking a CD, copying the entire thing in to one file, and saving it. You end up with a .iso.

To open .iso files, PowerISO is the recommended program.

.rar (or multi-part rar, .r01, .r02, etc)

.rar files are compressed files (much like .zip). However, they also provide an additional benefit of being able to break a large file up into multiple parts which can be reassembled later.

To open .rar or multi-part files, WinRAR is the recommended program.


.mkv files are video files. They generally provide better quality and smaller sized files than alternates like .mp4 or .avi.

To play .mkv files, VLC or Media Player Classic are the recommended programs.


.7z files are another form of compressed files. They often provide better compression than .zip or other types of compressed files.

To open .7z files, 7-Zip or WinRAR are the recommended programs.


.flac files are high quality music files. They are much larger than common alternatives like .mp3, but have less compression and sound better to many audiophiles.

To open .flac files, VLC is the recommended program.


.dmg files are mac specific disk images.

To open .dmg files, use a mac.

.epub (or .mobi)

.epub and .mobi files are common eBook filetypes.

To read .epub or .mobi files, calibre or SumatraPDF are the recommended programs.


.webm files are video files, generally used to embed videos in webpages.

To open .webm files, VLC is the recommended program. Chrome / Firefox will also work.