Finding content on dtella can be confusing at first, but is really quite simple.

To begin, Press ctrl-s to search, or look for an icon that looks like a magnifying glass. DC clients search by asking all other clients if they have anything that matches your serach, so be patient and wait a couple of seconds for results to start showing up.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for by searching, get the file lists of the top 3-5 sharers (Sort by share size, right click, get file list) and look in there. Their shares will cover most of what is on dtella. After you start the download make sure to use search for alternates if there are no slots (download queue, right click, search for alternates).

Finally, if you are looking for a very specific file, search broad. Find someone who has a collection of the type of files you are looking for, not necessarily the exact one you are looking for, and right click on one of their files and choose “Get File List”. Browse from there. If they don’t have it, try again. Also, try sorting the user list on the right side by Share Size and use get file list from there. The people with huge shares have most everything.

And of course, if you are completely stuck, feel free to ask for help in chat. Don’t be surprised when people don’t just give you an answer if you ask “does anyone have <insert file here>?”, but they will often assist you in searching yourself instead.