Blarghlebot, transform and rollout

Kicks the sender


I put on my robe and wizard hat

Kicks the sender



Kicks the sender



Kicks the sender



Sets a 1 minute time ban on the sender, then kicks them



Plays a game of russian roulette, where losing gets you kicked


s/[find this string or regex]/[replace with this]

Attempts the given string or regex in the previous ~100 lines of chat and replaces it with the second string in the command


Blarghlebot, [any kind of question]?

Responds with a magic 8-ball message



When 2 users send this command, responds with a message about pooping back and forth between them


!Roll [x]d[y]

Rolls X number of Y sided dice


!Xzibit [item1] [item2]

Forms a ‘yo dog, i heard you like…’ statement using item1 and item2



Responds with a gentlemanly message



Responds with a link to Eduard Khil’s famous song


Ba dum




Responds with link to specific quote



Links to the dtella quote about the clitoris



Responds with link to specific quote



Responds with link to instant rimshot website



Responds with the vuvuzela noise





!g [whatever you want to search for]

Responds with LMGTFY link, to insult people who don’t know how to google things



Responds with a randomly generated sentence



Responds with a link to the dtella quote with that number



Lists out the words that will get users below hop kicked